Fast and Furious: Time to come in from the cold

Per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Brownian Motion is defined as the random movement of microscopic particles suspended in liquids or gases resulting from the impact of molecules of the surrounding medium.

Distilled to its simplest meaning: random motion and no vector. Sadly, to date that random motion aptly describes all the investigations into Operation Fast and Furious – to include the murder of Border Patrol Agent and Marine veteran, Brian Terry. When asking Kent Terry, brother of Brian Terry, if there were anything he’d like mentioned in this piece, he relayed, “Ya! It’s been six damn years and Congress and the Senate have had enough time to get accountability and responsibility.

Give me one reason why they haven’t pushed to get justice for an American hero who gave his all? This is what he [Brian] gets in return?” Brian Terry was murdered, allegedly with a weapon linked to Fast and Furious, on December 14, 2010


Over the course of this past year and six articles (including this one), I have tried to relay the story behind the story regarding Fast and Furious, including accounting and facts from the Terry family; handwritten notes of Brian’s which he secured for posterity in his boots and in which he records finding weapons and ammunition – only to be told to “Let ‘em through;” concealment if not complicity by some in the U.S. government; first-hand accounting by a friend of Brian’s in which Brian confided agents were working for the Sinaloa Cartel and his life was, as a result, in danger; threats and attack visited upon me; a timeline regarding weapons running, investigations and Sinaloa Cartel – U.S. government coordination going back to 2005 and beyond. 

One final item I’d now like to add is the edited (for safety concerns) content of the fax that was sent to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in late 2014. I hope and pray that where others and other institutions have failed both our Nation and the Terry family, President-elect Trump (as promised to the Terry family in March of this year) will succeed.

The letter has been edited for style, not content. 

Sept. 20, 2014

12:28 PM EDT

Attn: Mr. Andy Rezendes

Fax: 202-225- 3974

Office: 202-225- 5074

From: Matthew Smith-Meck

To: Mr. Andy Rezendes, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, 2157 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515


Mr. Rezendes:

Pursuant to conversation we had yesterday morning, the following information is provided, as requested. Additionally, I have informed Mr. xxxx (representing xxxx interests and for approx. one year has been assisting in both talking to and delivering information to House Oversight Committee); Mr. xxxxx (attorney); and LtGen xxxx of our conversation and that you might be calling them.

Firstly, House Oversight Committee/Staff should have information packages regarding “Fast & Furious” and xxxx that Mr. xxxx had sent approximately one year ago. Additionally, there should be a record of contact he has had with Committee Staff members, on and off, through DEC 2013.

Secondly, I have instructed both Mr. xxxx and LtGen xxxx to share with you all of my background information and materials (notes, letters, emails, etc.) I have sent to them re: subject over the past year. Additionally, I am keeping xxxx informed of all activity via my communication with xxxxx who, in turn, informs xxxx. Xxxx and the information he has are what is paramount – as well as what has occurred during the past year in trying to impart “F&F” information. 

During second half of 2004, I was sent down to Naval Station Guantanamo (GTMO), serving, ultimately, as Chief of Staff (Fwd) for organization known as the Office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants (OARDEC). This service came in the last couple years of my over 20 years of service in the USMC. We worked extensively with FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, White House Counsels, NGOs, world media, and then-SecNav Gordon England. Xxxx and Lt. Gen xxxx have detailed information on me, but suffice to say that during my tour of duty at GTMO, because of personal actions, I was “contacted” (as mentioned on phone conversation yesterday) and became exercised by “Handler(s)” through, at least, May 2013 – and likely through my time in CA, as you will see. When my former Commanding Officer at HQ’s Battalion, Navy Annex, Col. xxxx, told me in a face-to- face meeting at coffee shop in Ft. Lauderdale, FL – near the Convention Center - in July 2010 (we were both retired & he was going to help me correct my military record) that folks who were “handling” me concerned him, that shook me up; when he was found dead in September/October 2010 with a gunshot wound to his head (apparent suicide) behind his home at NAS Key West, FL where he worked, that made me realize things were definitely very real.

One of my messages from “Handlers” is [was] that I would be going to CA (months before I received anything official) and that I was to meet-up with xxxx (AKA xxxx) and get the information he had on “Fast & Furious” to the House Oversight Committee. Interestingly, during my time in CA even staff asked me why I was there, as I did not live in CA? Additionally, xxxx was told he would be going from TX to AZ, only to be sent to CA instead. He arrived in April 2013; I arrived in May 2013.

I initially reached-out to my dear friend from the USMC, Col xxxx. Xxxx use to work at a consulting and lobbying group in DC. Through xxxx and a former co-worker of his they connected with some Congressional Staffers re: topic and information and letter xxxx wrote to xxxx and that I mailed to xxxx at the consulting and lobbying group. Upon xxxx’s suggestion, xxxx had his attorney fax a copy of letter to xxxx dealing w/ information regarding “Fast & Furious” to both Rep. Issa’s & House Oversight Committee’s offices. This occurred approximately late September/early October 2013. Xxxx came about this information by directly talking with and questioning those individuals who were part of F&F. Xxxx had a friend verify people and some “equipment.”

All those involved are now awaiting contact by xxxx, per material Mr. xxxx sent to Committee earlier. After the initial faxing of this letter to Rep. Issa’s and House Oversight offices, Mr. xxxx relays he sent additional paperwork to the Committee and was engaged in intermittent communication with Committee Staff/staffers through DEC 2013. Xxxx (SEP 2013 timeframe) contacted DOJ OIG Agent xxxx, who xxxx worked with extensively

both on previous issue they sought xxxx’s help with and on “Fast & Furious,” which xxxx brought to their (OIG) attention and provided initial information until he suspected the information was being suppressed. Agent xxxx and xxxx had worked together back in TX. Xxxx worked so much with Agent xxxx, Agent xxxx provided special, non-Gov’t email address. Email signal from that address was “call father” when Agent xxxx wanted xxxx to call him. Interestingly, Agent xxxx told xxxx he hardly remembered xxxx and information not that helpful. This from Agent xxxx even though xxxx called Agent xxxx before xxxx did. Agent xxxx immediately remembered xxxx [on xxxx call to him] and “F&F” and asked xxxx again location of “warehouse,” where “equipment,” emails, receipts, etc. re: “F&F” are located.

Per letter from xxxx to xxxx, that call record could be “FOIA’d.” {Freedom of Information Request]. Interestingly, about one week after xxxx’s call to Agent xxxx [and letter faxed to Issa and House Oversight], Agent xxxx, on a Wednesday, calls xxxx’s brother, xxxx, a former DEA agent and current VP for xxxx. Agent xxxx, falsely, told xxxx he had just talked to xxxx and xxxxx stated xxxx might have the 17 pages (front and back counting as one page) of xxxx’s notes. Xxxx thought the call suspect, and responded he did not have the notes (he does not; xxxx sent them, divided and not in sequential order, to four disparate locations for safekeeping) and immediately contacted their mother to be leery of any calls such as this.

The next day, Thursday, Assistant US Attorney xxxx contacted attorney xxxx out of the blue and stated that needed to re-visit what your client did back in TX. Deal was offered for xxxx to be home before Thanksgiving 2013 in exchange for ALL xxxx’s notes; one final debrief; never talk about “F&F” again; and not even to talk about the deal. Xxxx stated, through attorney, no deal. In part, there was concern info xxxx would provide would be suppressed. The next day, Fri, under false pretense of receiving mail, xxxx was called to the Administration Bldg.

There was no mail; instead, OIG wanted to come out and meet with xxxx. Xxxx said he would not meet w/o lawyer. Latter part of 2013, circa late NOV/early DEC, Agent xxxx’s partner, Agent xxxx, surprisingly popped into vehicle with xxxx, stating OIG was off the case; they know xxxx path to the truth re: “F&F;” be a hero and get the information out; and screw the bastards back in DC.

Xxxx’s contact with the Committee staffers appears to have stopped in JAN 2014. However, I was surprisingly stopped by two men in suits, ties and badges on this past President's’ Day (Monday). They ID’s themselves as agents Maxwell and Weston. 

They stated my contacts in DC contacted them; were aware of what’s going on; and to standby for big news soon. This was on that Monday at about 5:30 PM PDT. After the encounter, I emailed both xxxx and xxxx that same day so there would be a record. That Friday “El Chapo” Guzman, head of the Sinaloa Cartel, was captured in Mexico. Most of the “equipment” (pistols, rifles, hand grenades, grenade launchers, Night Vision Goggles, black tactical special forces uniforms) went to that cartel, via plasma cut hole in the Border Fence – with Gov’t agents directly involved.

The cash and drugs that came north went mostly to Chicago and Denver. Additionally, about a month ago, (on a Wednesday about 6 PM PDT) I was stopped en route to another facility while driving. I was talked to by someone in USAF utilities uniform who ID’s himself as “Col Taylor.” He stated he was from Office of Special Investigation and that DOD was aware of possible military equipment and installations involved in “F&F.” [I emailed this encounter out that same day to xxxx, xxxx and xxxx.]

Exactly one week afterward, Mr. xxxx was contacted by a U.S. Congressman, on behalf of three additional Congressmen, seeking xxxx’s affidavit that he has been consistently trying to get his info on “F&F” to the Oversight Committee.

After all the mystery and suspense involved, xxxx wanted to ensure he was talking to an actual U.S. Congressman. He confirmed by contacting the office directly. Appears that at least one of the Congressmen is possibly among Reps. Jordan, Meadows, Gohmert or Gowdy, who my contacts and I have contacted also.

An Officer whom I befriended and was former USAF, xxxx, told me in repeated conversations that I was at location because of/for political reasons and to be VERY careful when I left – to watch my back. Tragically, he died in APR 2014 in a suspect car crash on US 101. This, coupled w/ Col (ret) xxxx’s death, gave me serious pause, especially after my conversations with them.

Nationally known attorney xxxx is also involved in supporting xxxx. When xxxx was informed about xxxx’s information on “Fast & Furious,” he affected his own due diligence. Satisfied, he contacted a trusted friend/confidant in the DOJ and relayed what he knew. DOJ contact relayed that once xxx can freely provide information then he could “write his own ticket.” Former US Attorney xxxx supporting also.

Instead of simply providing and signing a statement (what Congressmen asked about) that he has been trying to provide “F&F” information to House Oversight Committee for approximately one year, xxxx willing and eager to supply ALL of his notes, information, debrief and direct support…. Xxxx will gladly and eagerly provide Committee with ALL of his notes, information, debrief and direct support, to include taking Committee investigators to ALL locations, people, places, etc. in order to meet them and record everything.

… As Mr. xxxx relays, whenever folks started to consider information xxx was trying to provide, met with OIG continuing to say: “On-going investigation. We got it. Back off, etc.” This after Agent xxx told xxxx in early 2013 that with 20,000-page report given to Congress, investigation was over.

When female FBI agent also contacted xxx about info he has on “F&F,” he relayed OIG was already talking with him. This seemed to startle the FBI (I think out of Phoenix or Tucson) and they never contacted xxxx again. When xxxx told DOJ OIG Agent xxx about this, he too was startled about FBI contacting xxxx.

Xxxx has 17 pages (front and back as one page) of detailed notes he has sent out for safekeeping. In the information, he has the location of the “warehouse” that OIG insistent on trying to find, as well as locations and names of the folks involved – on both sides of the Border.

This activity is STILL ongoing via a different means, and the civilian ringleader (Caucasian and not Hispanic) was never pursued. Xxxx trusted in me and took great risk (from both those in CA and w/ certain Gov’t folks) in delivering this information to House Oversight Committee. 

Evidently, some Congressmen sought out Mr. xxxx regarding their interest in having xxxx sign an affidavit that he has been trying to get “F&F” information to House Oversight Committee for approximately one year. I had told him to do the right thing for the right reason and to trust me.

He did.

I am having these pages faxed to you early Monday morning. I will call to confirm receipt. In support of getting the truth out, I am ready to assist and/or testify in any way I can. From the perspective xxxx and I shared, it does seem the Administration and DOJ manipulated the House Oversight investigation by using OIG. Maybe with xxxx’s information and support, information that was previously suppressed and kept from the Oversight Committee can now come to light.

I will willingly submit to a polygraph and/or any other appropriate means. The truth must be made known to the Committee and the American public – and to former Marine and slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry family. I attest the above is all true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Matthew Smith-Meck

After serving on the staff and, later, as Chief-of- Staff (fwd.) of the Office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants (OARDEC) at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) the latter half of 2004 and, since October 2005, having to lie to my family, friends and co-workers for a living, it’s now time to finally come home to the truth. The threats of “destroying me” if I spoke up no longer hold any power over me. Fair winds and following seas, Brian Terry. You are my hero. 

Semper Fidelis

Matthew Smith-Meck is a designated Whistleblower and a retired Marine Officer.

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