As they adjourned for the summer, the Supreme Court ruled this morning in a close 5-4 decision that terrorist detainees at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are afforded rights and protections under the Constitution.

What a travesty of justice handed down by justices more interested in political correctness than protecting the American people from very dangerous people who seek to kill us and end our way of life. Make no mistake, these are not Boy Scouts held against their will in Camp Gitmo. No, these are enemy combatants who have been captured on the battlefield and sent to Cuba. Let me say that again: captured on the battlefield waging war against our brave men and women.

What sort of message does this ruling send to the American soldier risking his or her life to detain a terrorist on the battlefield with the knowledge that the terrorist in question could arrive on U.S. soil and use our own laws and constitutional protections against us?

Oh, and the media is already having a field day with this one: “A major setback for the Bush administration,” they tell us. And this is the worst aspect of the tone and coverage of the court’s decision: The major defeat handed down this morning is against the American people and our constitutional rights and protections. This is more than the Bush administration — why is the hatred for the president blinding partisans to the real danger that people who are waging war against us while thumbing their nose at thee Geneva Conventions will now have access to our courts?

Another banner day in the Republic, and partisans rejoice in “rebuking” President Bush. They should worry instead about the precedent the court just set for terrorists. The detainees were held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for a reason. Are we now going to have terrorists availing themselves of our courts on American soil? I pray no one escapes, or worse …