The American government needs to stop celebrating the arraignments of four men over the weekend, believing it helped foil a terrorist plot.Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said it best: “Today’s arrests remind us that we’re at war … But the reality is that today’s arrests remind me of the fact that we have to stay on offense against terrorists.” That is exactly what both Americans and the American government need to remember.

Unfortunately, it happened almost six years ago, and it can easily happen again. No matter how many plots we halt, there is never a guarantee that terrorism, terrorists or mindless idiots will be eliminated from our society.

The reality is that there are still people in America who do not recognize the seriousness of this threat, which is why we must remain on guard and not celebrate or hurrah this one foiled plot. It must also be said that even with the money, time and effort being put into security and wars against terror, these terrorists will never stop. America will continue to be fought against by terrorists whose lives are centered on martyrdom. Despite the offense Americans may take against terrorists, or terrorists over Americans, at times we need to forget about the politics behind all of this and realize that terrorism is a reality that we live with now and will continue to live with for quite some time.

The next step is for the American government to implement a system that guides us and can fully protect us, especially in a world where there are people organized around Islamic terrorist cell networks who want to harm Americans in the worst possible way.