With past threats of infectious diseases having plagued the world and scared us several times over, it is not only shocking but reprehensible to hear of the 31-year-old lawyer Andrew Speaker, infected with TB, who decided to disobey orders from U.S officials and jeopardize the lives of everyone who may have been anywhere near him.

In a time where bioterrorism creates such a stir within the American public, Speaker should have used the opportunity to cooperate with the CDC and accept their warnings as a blessing to prevent any further spread of the disease.

And with constant scandals and governmental corruption, we now have a Border Patrol officer who saw the flagged passport and still allowed Speaker to cross the border. Forget the fact that Speaker felt he had no reason to obey the law. What about the officer whose job it is to make sure the laws are implemented and respected? This story screams irresponsibility, irrationality and sheer disgust.

With a war on terrorism being fought, we tend to forget how rifles and bombs are not the only way to destroy a nation, but with new biological infections, an entire country can be affected without having ever known from where it derived.

If the people we trust with our lives can so easily disregard communications from their own superiors, then there really is not much left to say about those we count on to manage the country we should feel proud to live in.

And if we can’t stop the people who govern our country from allowing people in with infectious diseases, what can be said for people who are reading this story and think that because of a lack of discipline and poor judgment, they can so easily enter our country infected with biological diseases? With vast developments in bioterrorism, we must now live in fear, for it seems anyone can walk by unnoticed and truly destroy our way of life.