Ten states in our great country allow illegal aliens not only to attend college in their state, but to do so at in-state tuition rates. This means that aliens can break all sorts of federal laws, come into our country illegally, and then go to these states and pay cheaper tuition than citizen students from out of state. Are you kidding me?

This college tuition issue came to light recently when about three dozen students in California filed a lawsuit against the University of California, charging that it had violated federal law by allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates at its campuses while maintaining higher rates for out-of-state students.

How can we be throwing money at illegal immigrants when most Americans are struggling to get by? California citizens are mortgaged to the hilt, foreclosing left and right, and hoping they can afford their next meal and pay their next bill. Why would we dish out money to aliens instead of giving it to citizen teenagers who need help paying for college, teachers who deserve better salaries or school districts that need more materials, better equipment and newer schools?

We need to spend more money on education — that is a given — and California definitely should make its students and schools a priority, but this policy is so far off base it’s a joke.

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