Proving once again that no bill, no matter how bad, ever really dies in Congress, immigration reform legislation is back for consideration before the Senate.

Why? There’s no constituency for this bill. Other than George Bush, Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham — who wants it?

And it’s a bad bill. It does nothing to secure the border, except authorize construction of a useless fence. It breaks up families, sending fathers back to Mexico for up to 10 years while their wives and kids stay here. And it leaves employers who hire undocumented workers off the hook.

Sure, illegal immigration’s a serious problem, but I’d rather see no immigration bill than a bad immigration bill. 
George Bush had six years to fix the immigration problem, and he did nothing about it. Now, at the last minute, he’s trying to rush a half-assed bill through — just so Republicans have something to brag about in 2008.

Forget it! Far better, in my opinion, to wait until there’s a Democrat in the White House and we can see some real border security and some real reform. Meanwhile, there’s only one thing to do with this immigration bill. Don’t try to fix it. Kill it!