Reading the lead editorial from The Washington Post this morning, I was struck by the overt admission that current immigration “reform” efforts underway on the Hill will create a new class of illegal immigrants — and this in an editorial that advocates for passage of the immigration bill!  “The Senate is ensuring that over time it will create a new class of hopeless and mired illegal immigrants,” the Post opines. Are you kidding me?

I can’t imagine anything more irresponsible than to openly advocate for passage of legislation that even supporters believe will bring more, rather than fewer, illegal immigrants to the United States. I believe America’s greatest strength is our diversity. At the same time, I can’t fathom creating a new system that not only rewards those who have broken the law in the past to get here but will also encourage more illegal immigration. Unbelievable.

And herein lies one of my greatest problems with the logic underway on the Hill to pass something, anything, with the words “immigration” and “reform” together. I wish a senator who supports this bill could explain the following to me with a straight face: By passing legislation that rewards people who have previously and consistently broken the law, why do you believe these same people will suddenly obey the new restrictions and guidelines they will be expected to follow? I guarantee that is a question and a challenge that can’t be answered, but I’m open for someone to try. …Anyone?