“Every religious looking Jew who ascends the Temple Mount is accompanied by a Moslem wakf attendant and an Israeli policeman, who together, scrutinize his/her lips. A Jew who is suspected of praying is detained or immediately arrested.” said Feiglin, as reported in this column two years ago.

Feiglin was regularly arrested for praying at Temple Mount. However, last month he was elected to the Knesset. And this time it was Netanyahu who prevented his entrance.

“A short while ago, Police Commander of the David Region Moshe Bareket called me and informed me that by direct order from the Prime Minister, I will not be allowed to enter the Temple Mount tomorrow,” Feiglin wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday. “The Prime Minister does not have legal authority to give an order barring me from the Temple Mount, as it contradicts three foundation laws.”

The Post reports that Feiglin in March "wrote to Police Commissioner Insp.-Gen. Yohanan Danino complaining that a police officer prevented his access to the Temple Mount because the place is under Muslim rule. The commissioner wrote back saying any entrance of non-Muslims to the site needs to be coordinated with the Waqf."

To review the meaning and political significance of Temple Mount, a New York Times news article on the Middle East published Sept. 8, 2000, titled Summit in New York says: “The main sticking point remained the Temple Mount, known to Arabs as Haram al-Sharif. Mr. Arafat has been saying since the Camp David talks, when the question of sovereignty over the site was raised, that the Temple does not exist, a senior administration official said.”

Temple Mount remains the central contention as it is the centermost place and purpose of Israel, where Jews from everywhere in the world — after attempts in the heart of Europe (Germany, Vichy, Poland, Russia) to extinguish them failed — were allowed in post-war to return on an inner journey to their cosmic beginnings. But they were forbidden by the same agencies to pray when they got to the vortex, the Temple Mount.

The Feiglin/Netanyahu contention occurs at a time when Israel is entering a generation shift. Netanyahu represents the old generation, and Feiglin rises to the Knesset with the new.

A Feiglin supporter in New York says that the new confrontation between Feiglin and the prime minister is about Jewish sovereignty over Temple Mount. 

“Whose side will the people take?”