Post-presidency Obama aims for promotion as leader of global elites

It used to be that the President of the United States saw himself as the leader of the free world, and our country as a beacon to the oppressed.

This was important not only in the fight against Nazi totalitarianism or during the Cold War, when the United States alone had the power to rally a despairing world against darkness. It was important also when a regional power such as Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invaded a smaller neighbor, or when it flouted international norms to develop weapons of mass destruction.


In his swan song speech to the United Nations General Assembly this week, President Obama went out of his way to reject this vision of America, and to slander all those who seek to restore it as embracing “a crude populism.”

In the dopey dorm room vision of Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaObama chief economist responds to McConnell quoting him on Senate floor: He missed 'a critical part' Amazon reports .8B in weekend sales from independent businesses on its platform Ossoff features Obama in TV ad ahead of in Georgia run-off MORE, anyone seeking to make America great again “fail[s] to recognize, at a very basic level, our common humanity.”

In a way, it’s understandable that Obama’s final UN speech got so little coverage in the media. Full of empty platitudes and preachy generalizations, it was remarkable primarily for the enormity of Obama’s conceit. He sees himself as the unique torch-bearer of a new America, an America that turns its back on the values that made it great, in favor of “global integration.”

In Obama’s world view — and that of Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonTrump has discussed possible pardons for three eldest children, Kushner: report McCaskill: 'Hypocrisy' for GOP to target Biden nominee's tweets after Trump Biden budget pick sparks battle with GOP Senate MORE, who would continue his fairy-tale vision — American leadership is not just unnecessary, it is dangerous.

It must be replaced by “global leadership,” where “powerful nations like my own accept constraints,” Obama said. “I am convinced that in the long run, giving up some freedom of action … enhances our security.”

Before you think that Obama is making a display of modesty, consider his underlying message: only the global elites have the right to tell nations what to do and what they should be. And Obama sees himself as the leader of the global elites.

Instead of expanding freedom and access to wealth, a goal embraced by generations of Americans, in Obama-world the United States should be proud to have “worked with many nations to curb the excesses of capitalism.”

I certainly wouldn’t expect a lame duck president to head to Turtle Bay to extol the virtues of his political opponents. But I wouldn’t expect him to berate them before the world, either, in a series of glib references.

“Yes, in America, there is too much money in politics; too much entrenched partisanship; too little participation by citizens, in part because of a patchwork of laws that makes it harder to vote,” Obama said.

Besides the silliness of those remarks, much of the “entrenched partisanship” he bemoans is the direct product of his own intensely partisan leadership and open race-baiting over the past eight years.

And then, there were the scarcely-veiled references to Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump alludes to possible 2024 run in White House remarks Trump threatens to veto defense bill over tech liability shield Tiger King's attorney believes they're close to getting pardon from Trump MORE. “Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.” Or: “The world is too small for us to simply be able to build a wall and prevent it from affecting our own societies.”

Or even more puerile, in a reference to combating the Zika virus: “mosquitos don’t respect walls.”

In Obama-world, America alone would not be required to give up its national aspirations. The global elites would also impose their will on Russia, China, Iran and North Korea — unless, of course, those countries resisted. In which case the Leader of the Global Elites would give a speech berating them as a bucket of deplorables.

Sweden and Germany have embraced much of Obama’s one-world vision, turning their nations into safe havens for millions of economic migrants – to the detriment of their own population — and increasingly, their politicians.

If you want to get a feel for what America would look like four years from now should Hillary Clinton get the opportunity to build out Obama-world, consider these just-released public service announcements from the German and Swedish governments to their citizenry.

In the German version, blonde-haired, pigtailed Heidi is instructed to don the Muslim hijab, the head-covering for women. Why? Because Germans should learn to “enjoy difference, start tolerance.”

The not-so-subtle subtext, of course, is that if only German women would dress more like Muslim women, they wouldn’t get gang-raped in public by mobs of young Muslim men. (This ad was jointly paid for by the German taxpayers and by UNESCO, a branch of the Global Elites).

The Swedish version is even more hideous. It instructs Swedes to give up their traditional identity to embrace waves of immigrants, mainly from the Middle East. Sweden, as Swedes have known it since the time of the Vikings, should cease to exist, to be replaced by #DetNyaLandet — this new country.

In “this new country,” Swedish taxpayers give lavish payouts to economic migrants, who chose Sweden because they know they will get free housing, free food, free healthcare, and free cash. In exchange, the migrants refuse to integrate and just four percent of them find jobs — even after years of living off the Swedish dole.

In places like Malmö, in southern Sweden, migrants in “this new country” torch so many cars every night of every year that the Swedish police and fire brigades no longer enter their communities to put them out. The Swedish police have standing orders not to report violence by migrants, because it might upset their political masters.

We have a choice on November 8 of continuing the build-out of Obama-world and turning our country over to the global elites, or to reclaiming our country and our freedoms to rebuild our prosperity and our strength.

Leader of the Free World? Or Leader of the Global Elites? Which will it be?

Timmerman is a Donald Trump supporter. He was the 2012 Republican Congressional nominee for MD-8 and is the author of Deception: The Making of the YouTube Video Hillary & Obama Blamed for Benghazi.
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