My headline is a trick to get you to read another call for America to have a jobs program, which is what Rep. Weiner (D-N.Y.) has been fighting for, at a time when Americans are devastated by joblessness, which few in Washington, and few in the media, seem to care about as much as they care about Twitter accounts.

Here is the true story about Anthony Weiner:

He is a fighter for more jobs. He fights harder for more jobs than most members of Congress and for that he deserves great credit, which I give him here.

Voters throughout America, and voters throughout the congressman's district, New York City and New York state, do not give a rat's behind about the events surrounding his Twitter account. They care about jobs. They care about their families, their fears, their hopes, their aspirations and their financial futures, which is what Anthony Weiner is fighting for every day, at a time when joblessness plagues the land.

My advice to the media: Get off the freak show and address what really concerns the voters and their audience: jobs!

My advice to the congressman: Remind the world of what I am writing here, that America needs more American jobs and less trite nonsense about Twitter.