As part of my continuing prediction of the implosion of Liz Cheney's campaign for Senate: This latest fiasco, after airlifting herself into Wyoming to pursue her political ambitions, may be the last straw.

Triangulating against the marriage of her own sister for political purposes hits rock bottom. If Cheney cannot learn tolerance, let me suggest this: Perhaps someone will suggest that marriage between two Tea Partyers should be illegal. Fair enough?


Here's the argument for banning tea party marriage. There is a tendency on the right to ignore science, facts and data. Many believe this involves the structure of the thought process of the far right. If two people with this intolerant and data-hostile thought process marry, they might be more likely to produce an offspring who is equally intolerant and data-hostile, which would be bad for America. If true, would Cheney ban Tea Party marriages?

Of course, I am kidding. Though we have certain folks who will read this and propose marriage between liberals be banned, wanna bet? Personally I am as straight as they come, but who cares whom other people marry? As long as the people marrying are of legal age, let people marry whomever they choose. It is none of my business, or yours, who other people marry.

Let gays marry. Let Tea Partyers marry. Let Red Sox fans marry. And nobody should need permission by anyone to marry anyone of legal age, gay or straight, liberal or Tea Party, Red Sox fan or Yankee fan.

Politically, I think Cheney looks like a darn fool and crass politician by criticizing the marriage of her sister. With attitudes like hers, after Cheney loses her Wyoming campaign, perhaps she can find a more intolerant state to run in next time. Even better, there are some foreign that countries value intolerance; and the next time one of them is looking for a president, prime minister, emperor, empress, king or politburo director, perhaps Liz Cheney can airlift herself into that country and apply for the position.