It is an awakening paradigm both political and cultural. And this is why Palin is important today. She is the La Passionara of this rising cultural movement, and more than any single person, including Gray Champion Ron Paul, is responsible for its growth, progress and growing acceptance.

But what plans does she have? Will she run for president in 2016 or take the TV job being offered?

Tea Party has brought conservatism to a plateau. With the right TV show today, Palin could form a new conservative entity, one with strict constitutional structures like Judge Andrew Napolitano advocates, one with Jefferson’s determined commitment to state sovereignty, one with Ron Paul’s good sense of sound money, one with the Palin family’s wonderful Jacksonian, heartland karma.

We have already had the sea change. We need now a public seminar approach to collectively advance new conservative thinking.

Palin could bring to a TV talk show what Napolitano brought to "Freedom Watch” and what Oprah brought to Obama, something honest and uncomplicated, simple enough so that we the “Duck Dynasty” audience can follow it clearly. Incidentally, the bewhiskered rurals of “Duck Dynasty” pulled in 9.6 million viewers in the last episode, beating “American Idol” handily in the ratings.

What Palin offers and represents is — to reawaken a phrase from the '60s — an earth-based or reality-based cultural alternative or conservative counter-culture to the aggregate establishment of the East (and Hollywood). She would be speaking to and advancing the 30-some states which live more or less in the middle, on down to the southern coast, going their own way together today on abortion, guns, ObamaCare, taxation and even currency and economy. They represent a true Jeffersonian vision of what we could and should become.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s Kansas may be the leading model for this group. But these 30-some states are still in search of a central actor and a common place to stage talks collectively on mutual interests. (Rand PaulRandal (Rand) Howard PaulGraham promises ObamaCare repeal if Trump, Republicans win in 2020 Conservatives buck Trump over worries of 'socialist' drug pricing Rand Paul to 'limit' August activities due to health MORE’s Louisville, Ky., dead center to America, comes to mind.)

The Tennessee rustic Andrew Jackson, bullet still wedged next to his heart, rose to prominence because America was ready for Jackson and sick to death of the prima donnas in coastal Virginia and Massachusetts. America is ready again and ready for Palin. Maybe West Monroe, La., where the Duck Commander resides, would not be a bad place to stage a forum.