Anyone else feel like the Jane Harman wiretap/espionage case is about as complicated to follow as the Coen brothers’ absurdly convoluted “Burn After Reading”?

I’ve read every story I can find so far and I still don’t completely understand what happened. The only thing that seems to be missing from the real-life story compared to the movie is a report that Porter Goss had an interest in home-assembled chairs.

I’m not sure if anyone actually committed a crime, but it sure looks like that the entire intelligence community leadership during this period was actively trying to game the other one for personal gain.

We expect this kind of horse-trading and inside-dealing in the appropriations process, or maybe a leadership race, but not the clandestine services. Should we really be surprised that the intelligence community was unable to find bin Laden if this is how the CIA director, attorney general and ranking member were spending their time?

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