Elizabeth Warren needs a political makeover if she wants a shot at the White House
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Dear Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann WarrenWarren to protest with striking Chicago teachers Overnight Health Care — Presented by Partnership for America's Health Care Future — Four companies reach 0M settlement in opioid lawsuit | Deal opens door to larger settlements | House panel to consider vaping tax | Drug pricing markup tomorrow On The Money: Trump dismisses 'phony Emoluments Clause' after Doral criticism | Senate Dems signal support for domestic spending package | House panel to consider vaping tax MORE: Please shut up.

You need to get your head screwed on straight and start acting like the Elizabeth Warren that got you here.


You are making a fool of yourself, the Democrats and the rest of America. Your bellowing and blather for the last six months about Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump says he doesn't want NYT in the White House Veterans group backs lawsuits to halt Trump's use of military funding for border wall Schiff punches back after GOP censure resolution fails MORE have only accentuated your own insecurities. You’ve lost your trademark cool.


You accused Trump of having a thin skin, but yours is proving to be absolutely transparent! Yes, we were all affronted by Trump’s outward behavior. “Locker room talk” aside, this is what America bargained for.  And whether or not “the Russians” had anything to do with the outcome of the election is incidental to the fact that America has rejected run-of-the-mill, do-nothing politicians and elected someone who truly represented the paradigm shift change America desperately needs. 

For better or worse.

Now, you are out there again, threatening to run for the presidency in 2020. What makes you think you can run this country?

Where were you when the Democrats needed you? You stood in the wings giving the mantle to Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonSanders: 'Outrageous' to suggest Gabbard 'is a foreign asset' Clinton attacks on Gabbard become flashpoint in presidential race Saagar Enjeti: Clinton remarks on Gabbard 'shows just how deep the rot in our system goes' MORE, the would-be first woman president. Heir to the throne. Between the two of you, you couldn’t break that glass ceiling or win the election for your party.

Fact the facts, you had your shot and you blew it. What will you do differently now to convince us you are more mature than Donald Trump, more level-headed, more sincere?

You have done some good things in politics, and as a senator. I’ve read your book, “A Fighting Chance.” Your positions on Wall Street and big bank reform, jobs, trade, taxes, healthcare and education are all admirable and agreeable. Your calm and sensible demeanor and personality have always been your trademark, as well as your intellect, fairness and good judgement. This is the Elizabeth Warren I admired.

But you have let Donald Trump get your goat, and it’s digging you and the Democratic Party deeper into a hole.

The forest fire that is the president-elect is now out of control. You and your party had your chance to fight it and put it out. You kept trying to use hopeless backfires to control the blaze. You could have used some serious fire retardant to extinguish this blaze before it got out of control, but you didn’t.

Do something smart for a change. Hope for impeachment, and in the meantime start building your case. Use the media to your advantage. Let Trump fall on his own sword. He’s already seemingly relaxed many of the domestic campaign promises that got him elected, like “the wall,” infrastructure, healthcare, education, bank reform, Wall Street and veterans, and is officially talking about nuclear arms with Russia.

As much as we’d all like to see him do the things he says he’ll do for America, and as much as he is sincere and serious about his new job, and as much as he’d like to leave a positive legacy for himself as president, The Donald is still The Donald and people rarely change their core nature.

Only time will tell. But this, Ms. Warren, is where you should begin your attack.


John Kushma is senior consultant at John Kushma Associates, specializing in risk management and business development for international engineering firms with experience consulting for companies involved in oil exploration and drilling operations. He has a background in broadcast journalism and advertising.

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