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Republican leader to cancer victim: Beg for charity

The Cantor Plan envisions a middle-class woman made poor by layoffs, cancer and skyrocketing healthcare costs begging for charity as a last resort.

The Cantor Plan is a spin-off of the biblical injunction to sell your possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. In the Cantor plan, you sell your possessions to become poor, while the wealth is kept by those who profit handsomely from the healthcare system.

Would Mr. Cantor advise this woman to fall to her knees and beg? Or would he merely have her write a tearful letter pleading and begging for help as she fights valiantly to defeat an illness that could be terminal?

Will the Tea Party leaders stand up for this woman? I sure hope so.

Since Mr. Cantor is such an admirer of healthcare programs that help the poor, I invite him to join us in supporting the public option in the healthcare bill.

Let’s remember, the healthcare crisis is not only about the poor, it is about the middle- and working-class victims of a savage economy who get laid off, lose healthcare benefits and become poor.

Mr. Cantor presumably likes poor people, because the Cantor Plan will create more of them from the ranks of the middle class.

Instead of suggesting middle-class Americans sell their possessions to become poor, and beg for charity, I propose we enact a public option for those who are not protected by insurers, healthcare firms or Republican leaders in Congress.


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