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Sarah Palin self-destructs. Bernie Sanders should withdraw his fundraising letter.

You want balance? Here it is. Sarah Palin first went into hiding after the Arizona
shooting, then emerged with her same old attacks and defenses. Sen. Bernie Sanders
(I-Vt.) emerged to use the shooting in a fundraising e-mail. Both are wrong. Both
should be ashamed.

In my view Palin will not run for president anytime soon, and her conduct since
the Arizona shooting further destroys her credibility nationally.

What Palin should have done is say she did not intend any harm with her target talk,
but say she regrets it and will not do this in the future. She could have repositioned
herself with greater stature and credibility, but only reinforced her huge negatives.

Regarding Sanders, I like Bernie and respect him, but there is absolutely no excuse
for turning this tragedy into a fundraising opportunity. This is wrong, totally
wrong. He should stop it, and if I am going to criticize Sarah Palin, I am also
going to criticize Bernie Sanders.

Both are wrong. Both should apologize. Both only hurt themselves.

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