Hillary Clinton’s holdout: Will she ever host a press conference again?

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In a solemn ceremony, today marks 250 days since Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last held a formal press conference. Context is everything, so let’s see what can occur in the span of 250 days: 

Two NFL seasons could be played plus two Super Bowls. 

Fly to the moon and back 42 times. 

Walking across Russia end-to-end. 

Finish the first 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

Complete all voting in the presidential primary season, plus both party conventions. 

You get the idea.

But here’s the question: With Hillary Clinton up 7.7 points in the RealClearPolitics average of polls with less than three months until Election Day, is the blatant lack of transparency even hurting her in any capacity?

Clinton advocates and the campaign itself have argued that the candidate does plenty of interviews and is open with the press. Yup, when one runs for president, one does tend do some Q&As here and there.

Know this: Now that Clinton has a comfortable lead, any interviews she does grant — especially when juxtaposed with Donald Trump — will periodic at best. As we’ve seen, those few who are granted interviews will be very carefully hand-picked. And if you think that list will include Chris Wallace of Fox News, the Sunday political show host who walked Clinton into “short-circuiting” (her words) on an answer around the honesty FBI Director James Comey never said she displayed around explanations of the handling of her State Department emails, you’ll need to wait another five years before she even thinks of sitting down with Wallace again.

In football, this would be the equivalent of going to a knee up a few touchdowns for the entire fourth quarter. In basketball in the days before the shot clock, it’s four corners.

Simply put, Clinton may very well not do a press conference until after November 8th when she safely elected president. Because in the end, what difference does it make to Team Clinton if we’re talking 100 days, 250 days or 350 days if the press doesn’t bother calling her out on it?

Earlier in the campaign season, Hillary Clinton has deemed herself the “most transparent public official in modern times.”

Even in making statements like that — because of the gift that keeps on giving that is Donald Trump’s candidacy and the distraction he presents to the press on a daily basis — she’ll get a free pass despite the unintentional comedy of it all.

Two hundred fifty days.

Fly to the moon and back a few dozen times.

Play two fantasy football seasons.

See all Mother Russia has to offer by foot. 

This is what we’ve become… a passive, partisan press that allows a presidential candidate to skate on answering questions from anyone who isn’t hand-picked. 

Concha is a media reporter for The Hill.

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