The real "Crossfire" lasted for 19 years with Pat Buchanan, Bob Novak, John Sununu, Mary Matalin, and Tucker Carlson on the right; Tom Braden, Michael Kinsley, and me on the left. It was the first political debate show on television and, by far, the best.

It was the second-highest rated show on CNN, beat only by "Larry King Live." And it was a serious, laser-focused, half-hour debate on one, and only one, major topic of the day — with two outstanding guests and two reasonably well-informed co-hosts.

But, in 2002, CNN busted the real "Crossfire" and replaced it with a “kiddie” version in front of a student audience at George Washington University. They turned it into a gong show, bouncing from issue to issue. It was probably the worst decision made in the history of cable television. The new "Crossfire" was horrible. It only lasted a year. Then CNN killed it altogether, with a little help from Jon Stewart.

So, if CNN plans to bring back the real "Crossfire," good idea!If they want to bring back the phony "Crossfire," fuhgeddaboudit!