Sheriff David Clarke: Snowflakes, it’s called an election, we won
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Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpWhite House sued over lack of sign language interpreters at coronavirus briefings Wife blames Trump, lack of masks for husband's coronavirus death in obit: 'May Karma find you all' Trump authorizes reduced funding for National Guard coronavirus response through 2020 MORE’s election was a tremendous repudiation of the America-loathing, servitude-loving, corruption-enabling, cop-hating culture that’s been growing steadily in America under the tutelage of leftist groups.

In our democracy, the winner is still celebrated. But after witnessing the pathetic riots disguised as protests on our nation’s streets I’m wondering how long that could last. 

You probably saw a teacher or long lost relative share the Facebook meme that “the future voted” Tuesday, with a reference to the overwhelming percentage of 18- to 25-year-old Americans who voted for Clinton. I’m a pretty tough cop but a country run by these entitled, coddled, petulant snowflakes makes me cringe. We saw what happens to this everyone-gets-a-trophy generation when the real world, in the form of a Donald Trump victory, makes them confront reality.

They absolutely crumble.

The oh so sweet but scary irony of them requesting assurances from Trump that he would accept the victory are, of course, distinctly absent from our mainstream media’s pages.

I’ll tell you what is worrisome though. It’s this college-aged two-year-old behaving generation who willingly escalate the violence against cops. It’s these products of the America-bashing curriculum of our public school system that will trample the Constitution in their rush to push their safe space onto someone’s freedom of expression. And it’s these maniacal losers who will follow the commands of other, more focused, evil like we’ve seen at other times in our world history.

The simpering, whimpering kids we see protesting this election are indeed the future –and it’s one where law and order can go out the window. So despite the mandate for America’s future to continue under and for the Constitution, we will have to deal with the fact that a separate, deadbeat culture has been bubbling alongside America’s.

The other aspect of the rioting that I find incredible is the reference to our First Amendment right to protest. First, rioting is not constitutionally protected and second, is that the same people rioting have as their objective, to undermine the rule of law while trampling that same Constitution that they see as illegitimate because it was as they describe, crafted by a bunch of white colonial conquerors.

We have a timed honored tradition in this country referred to as the peaceful transition of power. It is the envy of most of the world that changes leaders as frequently as we do.

The most profound irony in this post election period is that it may take government force in the form of police to ensure that peaceful transition of power.

Clarke is the Milwaukee County sheriff and the author of “Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America.” Follow him @SheriffClarke


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