I noticed that more than one of our Republican Pundits wrote virtually the exact same post, using the exact same words, which also used the exact same words used by Neil Cavuto and others on Fox News, which also used the exact same words as more than one Republican during the Petraeus hearings today. 

The story line of the day — that the Democrats are controlled by MoveOn.org — was dutifully put out this morning by the party, then dutifully repeated by the pundits, Fox News, and some on the House committee. Nice work if you can get it.

In the interest of saving time, why don't our Republicans Pundits take the morning talking points from the party, sign them jointly, and write one post with all their names (and with, of course, a little disclosure)?

It is not as exciting as original work, but it would be time-efficient, and it'd conserve space on the Blog. Plus, properly done, it would add both comic relief and a blow for disclosure.

Of course, I deplore the MoveOn.org ad today, but only a Republican pundit, or the hired help on Fox News, could even say with a straight face that it has anything to do with Democrats.

In the meantime, our Republican friends will find very interesting my upcoming prediction on the Senate elections.