Give credit where it's due: Paris Hilton has just achieved a domination over cable news that was so total for a period it bordered on monopoly.

The urgent Marine Corps request from the front lines, for life-saving equipment, has been 90 percent ignored since 2005. This cost American lives but received no coverage compared to Paris.

Medical experts now forecast a huge increase in Alzheimer's, while biotech companies may find breakthrough treatments, but Paris Hilton overwhelmed it all.

Over a billion people on earth, mostly women and children in poor countries, are sick and dying because they cannot even get water or basic sanitation. You don't hear about this on cable even without Paris, but with her latest conquest of the media, they dont have a prayer.

Paris into the jail; Paris outside the jail; Paris in her car; Paris crying; Paris laughing; Paris modelling; Paris here, there and everywhere.

In the coming months, Paris will find God, or support the troops, or punch a photographer, or write a best-selling book, or get a million-dollar deal for a new reality show, or find Donald Trump. Probably all of them, each move a new conquest of the cable medium.

She owns them. They are putty in her hands, they will fall to their knees every time she makes her next move in the Paris Hilton business, a bull market!

You heard it here. Within the year there will be a fourth cable news network, or an invasion of one of the Little Three.

It will appeal to the tens of millions of more progressive Americans, who, except for Keith Olbermann, are non-persons in the current cable configuration.

It will appeal to the women who are not allowed their rightful share of cable hosting even though they are a majority of voters and spenders.

It will appeal to African-Americans, who have less representation as hosts than a recently fired host who made trite racist comments.

It will appeal to the huge growing demographic of Hispanics, who don't exist among the Little Three cables, except as pictures and objects, often unfriendly, during the immigration debate.

In the meantime, Paris wants it all, she goes for the gold, and she gets it. She is the queen of cable news, the Bill Gates of MSNBC, the Rupert Murdoch of Fox, the new Ted Turner of CNN. They worship at her altar while the rest of us look for something else to watch.

The winds of change are in the air. Remember where you heard it first.