Progressive radio talk show host Stephanie Miller is doing a great job in the old Imus spot on MSNBC, and I hope everyone has a chance to catch her show.

Stephanie is a comedienne, radio host and progressive impressario, and it's great to see her doing cable television.

She's funny, pointed, provocative, progressive and her time on MSNBC is a mini-breakthrough and I suspect we'll be seeing more of her.

There are some exciting developments in progressive radio and entertainment.

Mark Green at Air America is off to a good start and has announced an exciting new show with my friend Mark Riley as host.
It's called the Air Americans and will include some of their first-rate talent such as David Bender, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Laura Flanders.

More about Air America soon. I would also mention for now that I saw Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the Sheryl Crow global warming concert in Washington. RFK Jr. is a national leader on the environment and gave one whale of a speech. Watch him; he has major leadership potential on the national stage.

Mark Riley is one of the premier radio hosts who happens to be African American, and along with new addition Lionel, will be one of two major African American hosts on Air America. This is a good move forward in post-Imus entertainment and comes alongside major leadership in the industry for high talent women such as Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes at Air America, and Amy Goodman, among many others.

There are huge entertainment, business and political opportunities that are only beginning in progressive media. The internet creates a gigantic market that can be synergized with progressive radio and cable television, and the fun has only begun.

Coming attraction: I will soon predict the first blockbuster mega-investor in progressive media and entertainment, and explain why he will do it. Hint: The name will be a surprise and provoke significant reaction, but there are times that the breakthrough money for major ventures comes from suprising sources who are first to see the Big Opportunity.