There’s no doubt, then, that Jesus expected his followers to help the poor, the hungry and the dispossessed. That’s the mission of Christianity. Christians call it the “social gospel.”

How perverted, then, that last week, Glenn Beck told his listeners that the phrase “social gospel” was nothing but code words for “communism.”

In fact, he warned listeners, if you ever hear a priest or minister say the words “social gospel,” you should immediately get up and walk out of the church. In other words, according to Beck, Christians should reject the example set by such leading Christians as St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Pope John Paul XXIII, not to mention Jesus Christ himself, and instead follow the teachings of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and George W. Bush, who don’t give a fig about the poor.

Clearly, Glenn Beck, a Mormon, has no idea what Jesus Christ was all about when he walked the earth. Or what Christianity is all about today.

We knew Beck’s politics was sick. Now we know his theology is, too.

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