No matter where you are on the political spectrum, the movie is terrific. Great action, great plot, great storyline and great acting all make this one of the most interesting movies about politics in history.

What the movie really highlighted was how courageous it was for the Post to investigate a president.

Fast-forward three decades and change to the present version of
The Washington Post.

Always a left-of-center newspaper, the
Post is now best known for being a lapdog to the current White House occupant. On the cable television shows, the Post’s line is best exemplified by the almost comical devotion to the president by Eugene Robinson, Jonathan Capehart and E.J. Dionne. For them, everything the president does or says or thinks is simply wonderful, and everything that his opponents say or do or think is well, either stupid, racist, fascist, sexist or un-American.

These are the folks who represent the
Post to the cable world.

We have now learned that the
Post is taking it a step further in the cyber-world. They don’t see their competitors to be The New York Times, The Associated Press or even Politico.

Nope, they see their competition to be left-wing bloggers from The Huffington Post, the left-wing Talking Points Memo or even the more left-wing The Nation.

I have many friends who work for the
Post who play it straight down the middle. But their work will now be suspect, because the Post brand, once respected as a voice of the conventional wisdom, will now be seen as the leading voice of the left-wing fringe.

As a strategy to make money, this makes no sense. People buy newspapers not because they want to hear the latest propaganda from the Obama White House. They buy newspapers because they want to find out the truth. And as anybody can see from the ratings of Fox News and MSNBC, being a liberal lapdog for this president is just a bad way to make money.

Earlier this week, the
Post announced that it was selling Newsweek, because nobody was reading it anymore. Unless they change direction quickly, the Post is going to have to put itself on the auction block, because if they keep going the route of The Nation or TPM, percentage-wise, nobody is going to read them anymore either.