The modern Republican Party has utterly failed to effectively reach out to the black community.

This failure is most clear at the grassroots level, where Republicans have not done enough to make clear to American blacks that they understand, care about and have solutions to their problems.

By contrast, about one-quarter of the membership of the Democratic National Committee is black. This strong representation within the party facilitates more hiring and elected representation of American blacks in government at every level and creates a positive ripple effect throughout the community.

A black politician, for example, may maintain close associations with other black community figures such as ministers, teachers, entrepreneurs and union officials. These interlocking relationships proclaim to American blacks that they are part of the Democratic Party.

Over the past three decades, the Republican Party has abysmally failed to offer any kind of grassroots counterbalance. Consequently, the Republican Party has failed to re-establish itself as a credible option among minority voters. Without this basic, grassroots credibility, the Republican Party will never recapture the black vote and save them from the Democratic plantation mentality.

You see, in a democracy, establishing credibility with the voting populace is even more critical than the issues themselves.

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