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Women are right, but the Republican war against women’s livelihoods continues

What have women done to Senate Republicans, House Republicans and Mitt
Romney that they oppose a woman receiving equal pay for an honest day’s
work? As I wrote in my column
yesterday, I expect Democrats to wage a national crusade, from one
corner of the nation to the other, for equal pay for honest work for

I applaud Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for bringing pay
equity for women to the Senate floor. I applaud House Minority Leader
Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Democrats for continuing this
important battle. But what have women done to the GOP to deserve the
shabby treatment Republicans are giving to American women?

Again, the Senate Republicans attack democracy in America by abusing the filibuster to oppose pay equity and attack the livelihoods of American women.

{mosads}Again, the House Republicans oppose and blockade the rights of women and their families to earn a good living that is deserved and earned by good and honest work on the job.

Again, Mitt Romney tries to play both sides. He was for pay equity before he was against it, but in truth he is against it. Period.

What have women done to Republicans to deserve this? Republicans call it capitalism, but it is nothing more than sexism in a briefcase and an outrage against the women of America.

Mitt Romney is right about the immorality in our economy. The only problem is that Mitt Romney is attacking himself, Senate Republicans and House Republicans in their shabby and immoral treatment of the women of America.

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