If elected, Republicans promise to privatize Social Security; cut back Medicare, oppose more jobs programs; raise costs for student loans; cut protections for credit card holders so banks can raise your rates; attack consumer protections for mortgage holders; defend Wall Street bonuses for bailed-out banks; oppose efforts to cut back outsourcing of U.S. jobs; support more tax cuts for the most wealthy; use taxpayer money to hire partisan Republican Congressional staff to turn the House of Representatives into a subpoena-churning partisan political operation; and bring their K Street project to seek special interest campaign money, this time in secret.

Yeah, Republicans sure do have a new Contract with America. They won' tell you what it really is. I just did.

For every assertion I make above, there are Republican legislative proposals, policy papers aimed at their right wing base or statements of high-level Republicans.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.

The problem Republicans have now is they have so many candidates making ridiculous proposals, and they are so dominated and fearful of forces that are far to the right of mainstream America and Main Street America, that every day more voters figure this out.

Democrats will lose seats in November, but not nearly as many as they could have.

Voters are starting to "get it" about what the real Republican Contract with America would do to them. For middle America, it isn't pretty, and for the Democratic base, it is a great motivation to vote.