Liberal arrogance continues to humor and entertain us in this volatile and hostile midterm election cycle.

During a recent Tea Party rally, Sarah Palin said, “Don’t party like it’s 1773 yet!” Liberal intellectual superiority couldn't wait to pounce on Palin's supposed historical gaffe. Their media and blogosphere machine went into full-frontal attack trying to make a fool of Palin for getting the date wrong on what they assumed was a reference to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

One such blogger questioned, “What happened in 1773?” PBS host Gwen Ifill wrote on her twitter, “Sarah Palin: party like its 1773! ummm.” If you recall, Gwen Ifill moderated the Palin-Biden debate. Many remember her clear bias as she allowed Biden’s repeated gaffes to go unchallenged.

How could the masses of liberals who are hell-bent on discrediting Mama Grizzly not realize that she was most likely referring to the Boston Tea Party? These shameless liberals are supposedly some of the most respected at their game, yet it’s incomprehensible they wouldn’t know the date of the most famous Tea Party of all.

We have come to expect this from liberals who are willing to attack anything Palin without second thought about her references. Isn't it ironic that seeking to undermine her intellectual capacity, they made fools of themselves? It has to baffle one that the very things that liberals accuse conservatives of, they have mastered themselves.

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