There is now only one way for the Republicans to go if they wish to be relevant.

They need to carefully build a coalition between themselves, independents, blacks and single and suburban women, and make inroads regarding the Latinos. This can happen by the Republican leadership abandoning trying to legislate religion and instead creating an immigration policy that makes sense.

Personally, I am against abortion, and gays continue to contribute significantly to our nation. But abortion is a religious issue. We should educate against it, but the government has no right to dictate how people view this very personal subject.

As far as same-sex marriage is concerned, it in no way endangers heterosexual marriage. Beautiful young women endanger heterosexual marriage — not gays.


We need immediately to end the practice that anyone born in America is an American. One parent must be an American to become an American. We then need to expand our green card working program to allow Latin workers to be here legally. Part of the green card includes buying medical and auto insurance.

Republicans can now attack spending and the deficit with impunity. The public wants that — they just cannot stand the idiotic far-right Christian views exemplified by our recent Republican Senate candidates, and whether we like it or not, Latinos will soon be the largest voting bloc in the country — as is already the case in California.

We are at a tipping point. Get out of the bedroom, educate as opposed to legislate on abortion, and create an immigration policy that makes sense — or watch the Democrats spend this country into oblivion.