It’s no secret I’ve been critical of the job Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele has done in recent months, beginning with his hip-hop flop, and continuing on with other PR snafus.

The front page of The Washington Times today would lead you to believe that he has yet to turn a corner in his chairmanship. But let’s give some credit to the man for his recent leadership on this totally nonsensical notion that some in the party want to pursue in formally referring to the national Democratic Party as the “Socialist Democratic Party.”

This is such a stupid idea. If it didn’t take place during a critical juncture in our nation’s history where big problems demand mature solutions, I would dismissively laugh at the thought.

But my fear is it’s emblematic of a small wing of Republicans who are flailing at anything to restore this notion that if we call the Democrats enough names and hurl enough insults, then maybe they’ll get so angry they’ll do something politically clumsy like … heaven forbid, pursuing legalization of gay marriages — or, even worse, cannabis. News flash, folks, they’re already there!

Yes, the Democrat Party has jerked this nation leftward. But churlishly referring to them by a different name only makes Republicans look juvenile and petty. I will continue to beat this drum until I see some progress from the Party of Innovation and Ideas.

Like an addict who’s trying to kick the habit, Republicans seem so fixated on returning to their failed tactics of the past. That’s why I like Michael Steele choosing to stake his flag on this particular hill and fight this lunacy. It advances no cause. And while it may raise a few million more for the RNC’s coffers, the losses in Republican credibility as a viable alternative to the Democrats’ failed policies is too great a price to pay for such a fool’s errand.