The liberal hypocrisy of persecution and racism
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“Facts don’t care about your feelings”, a phrase conservative Ben Shapiro says regularly in his lectures and to ideological debate opponents.

This statement enrages those who believe their feelings maintain the same relevance as factual evidence.The divide between provable truths and feelings is so massive that many resort to the fascist tactics of shouting, personal attacks and physical violence to halt discussions. Fascism and hypocritical overreach inevitably becomes the very discrimination that “social justice warriors,” or SJWs claim to be combating.

Many reporters and politicians have utilized misleading and inflammatory rhetoric to make money or divert attention from their misdeeds. Societal divisions are fires being stoked by the same people that profit from this dissidence. These talking points are then repeated sans evidence to promote the falsity of “victimhood”. When evidence questions a point’s validity, SJWs violently attack and marginalize those with differing views.

A common tactic today is “supporting” illogical arguments by baiting one’s opposition to say something that can vaguely be construed as offensive. 

SJWs believe being offended permits them to contribute nothing further to understanding and transition to focusing on personal character attacks.

The facts generally don’t support their conclusions.

As a university student, I have witnessed adults spew false information and obviously biased talking points, that were refutable within seconds of research.

Correcting those determined to maintain a victim-mentality built on provably false premises has yielded only personal character attacks. Generations of students have been taught to utilize fascist methods instead of factual evidence. Academic institutions committed a disservice to our youth by indoctrinating them with fascism disguised as political correctness.

I don’t blame them; I blame their teachers.

One must acknowledge a problem’s existence before the issue can be analyzed and remedied. This approach isn’t taught anymore in our educational institutions.

As a registered Independent, I voted for Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump denies telling Bolton Ukraine aid was tied to investigations Former senior Senate GOP aide says Republicans should call witnesses Title, release date revealed for Bolton memoir MORE.

Unfortunately, one must accept the fact that some will blacklist you, impede your career and even physically assault you based on your vote in our democratic election.These concerns are not unfounded as there have been many instances of layoffs, violence and even hate speech being casually promoted by educational institutions. Acceptance of the persecution of non-liberal viewpoints has become the norm as has the vandalization of structures with things like “kill white people” and “Black Lives Matter”. 

All lives matter.

Recently, the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) had a solidarity march organized by faculty and led by the school president, Amy Gutmann. Many students and instructors were let out of class to participate. The show of unity supporting black students that had been targeted by a racist social media group, became a march consisting of “Black Lives Matter” chants and posters. Many students had to endure this racism while trying to listen to their instructors teach classes. The event was later recorded in the school newspaper, The Daily 

Pennsylvanian, the following morning with the headline “Faculty Fight Back”. It’s reasonable to assume that such a demonstration by any group claiming “All Lives Matter”, would’ve demanded the resignation of faculty members. 


 Dr. Carrie Kovarik, a professor at Penn, wrote an opinion article that was published in the Washington Post. Dr. Kovarik describes the ridicule and anger she received from other faculty members following voicing her preference for Donald Trump’s presidency. She asserted that “We are here to teach them all viewpoints — not to teach them only ours.”

I believe in an America where everyone’s treated fairly and has an equal opportunity to be successful. Equality of opportunity isn’t analogous to equality of outcome. Favoritism and utilizing different sets of rules based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, whether positive or negative, is wrong.

Institutionally-backed segregation and employing different standards based on one’s membership within a group is cancerous and must be excised from society. In a Princeton University study of college admissions, such differences were found labeled under the term “bonus”. The analysis discovered that certain races of students were given these bonus points to falsely increase their SAT scores. Black students received 230 additional points; Hispanic students were given an additional 185 points and Asian students were penalized 50 points.

The substitution of the words “white” or “straight” into statements or activities boasted by different social groups generally causes tremendous outrage.

Everyone deserves the same support of expression and opportunity, but this doesn’t entail abiding by different rules or standards. As long as society is overrun with victims who are treated differently based on their background, there will always be an asterisk beside our measurements of prosperity. 

Jayson Foley is a United States Marine Corps veteran, product of the California Juvenile Justice System, foster child and a former high school dropout. Mr. Foley is now an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania.

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