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The winners of the Republican debates: Mitch Daniels and Barack Obama

We have seen enough of the Republican debates to render a verdict:
the big winner of the Republican debates is President Obama, because not
one of the GOP candidates can both appeal to a majority of Republicans,
and be seen by the general electorate as credible.

The second winner is Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, who may still be called to duty in the Republican campaign.

The political collapse of Newt Gingrich has now begun. He will either self-destruct before the convention, which is most likely, or during the general-election campaign, leading to a gigantic landslide for Obama. Where I have disagreed with almost all political analysts from the beginning is that first, I have always believed that Ron Paul will be, at least, one of three finalists and second, the various Republican fly-by-night front-runners were always destined to crash.

Donald Trump paraded around country the country impersonating a presidential candidate while thinking he would be Sherlock Holmes regarding the president’s birth certificate.

Herman Cain was a joke with a female problem. He reduced certain Republicans, including some prominent conservative women, to making ridiculous comparisons with Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill as woman after woman came forth with complaints. Perhaps they were all lying. Don’t bet on it.

Cain did not even know that China has long been a nuclear power. What a joke.

Rick Perry has so many memory lapses that one must wonder why. He has made so many ridiculous statements, such as Solyndra being a country, that he is not close to being qualified for president. Not to mention the various wars he seems so willing to declare so casually whenever he needs a sound bite.

Newt was destined from the beginning to destruct, just watch. I will let the others discuss how he might become president. He won’t.

Mitt Romney is the most likely nominee, though one can take an office pool about whether he will govern like a liberal, a moderate or a conservative. Seventy percent of his party does not trust him and never will, because they shouldn’t.

Michele Bachmann, who will not be president, has, I must admit, impressed me. She is serious and honorable and has conducted herself very well.

Ron Paul has impressed me as well. He is a serious, thoughtful and decent man who has made some important contributions, and will continue to. He will not be nominated, but would be a potent third-party candidate if he runs.

Three brief conclusions after the debates:

1. The Republican base includes too many who are far-right radicals. Not one major candidate has had the courage to buck them, and without this, they will not defeat Obama.

2. The Republican field is the weakest in decades, and its front-runners have either been the weather vane who stands for nothing that lasts or a collection of losers, impostors and third-raters.

3. If Newt does not self-destruct soon, and he may, watch for the eyes of the nation to turn to Indiana, with a Draft Mitch Daniels movement getting serious.

Barack Obama has many imperfections as president, but compared to the field in the Republican debates, he would be favored to defeat Romney and looks like Mount Rushmore, and would win a huge landslide, against any of the others.

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