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Poll: Weak Mitt Romney crushing weaker Ron Paul in Virginia

If Ron Paul loses in a landslide to Mitt Romney in the two-man race in
Virginia, he should drop out of the presidential campaign and host a talk
show where he can opine about Austrian economists without distorting
the presidential campaign of more serious candidates. In the new poll of
Virginia from Roanoke College, an unpopular Romney crushes an even less
popular Paul, 56 percent to 21 percent.

I had expected Paul to make a real challenge in Virginia. It was the chance of a lifetime for the Texas lawmaker. Other conservative candidates did not qualify for the ballot. Paul is head-to-head with Romney ,who, according to the poll, is widely distrusted by Virginia voters. Yet Paul loses by a landslide to Romney according to this poll? Even worse, if the other candidates were on the ballot, Paul would receive only 12 percent.

{mosads}What happened? What Paul should have done is call on supporters of the other conservatives to vote for him in Virginia. What Paul actually did is attack the other conservatives, alienate their supporters and drive them reluctantly to Romney.

If Paul were a serious presidential candidate he would have gone directly after Romney, with the hope that Paul wins Virginia while Santorum wins Ohio, which would open up the whole process. It will be humiliating for Paul if he loses a landslide to Romney in Virginia with no other candidates except the two of them, unless this is the outcome Paul wanted all along.

Meanwhile, on the matter of birth control, Ron Paul is out there with little to say except more opining about his philosophy of governing.

I had hoped Paul could mount a dramatic challenge to Romney in Virginia. But even now, he is not creating the direct challenge to Romney that it would take, and he has alienated supporters of Romney’s other opponents instead of winning their votes in Virginia.

For Paul supporters who are unhappy with what I write, do not blame me — blame Ron Paul, and blame the voters. Paul should have had a good chance to win Virginia. If he loses by a landslide in a two-man race against a distrusted Mitt Romney, it will be because Paul spent too much time coddling Romney and too much time criticizing his conservative opponents, whose supporters will show Paul payback time in Virginia.

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