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Mitt ‘Etch A Sketch’ Romney, Ron ‘Etch A Sketch’ Paul, and the supreme hypocrisy of the GOP right

Which is worse: Mitt Romney’s staff virtually announcing Romney’s
upcoming betrayal of conservatives with the “Etch A Sketch” revelation?
Ron Paul, Mr. Purist, who warns about fascism in America via the
continuation of the status quo, acting like Mr. Poodle for Mr. Romney,
who embodies the status quo? Newt Gingrich, the Freddie Mac man
who supported the mandate while on the payroll of the industry that made
money from the mandate? Rick Santorum, Mr. Earmark in the Senate,
claiming to be conservative on spending? Or FreedomWorks, the
corporatists masquerading as the Tea Party, preparing to support Romney?

My answer: all of the above. Paul’s hypocritical “Etch A Sketch” alliance with Romney might be the most ludicrous and offensive, since he applies holier-than-thou purism to everyone else while he erases his purism when it comes to himself and his alliance with Romney. But all of these Republicans qualify as hypocrites of the year, in a year full of hypocrites on the right.

{mosads}Etch A Sketch? Well, the dirty secret is out. Romney, who has made a career out of betraying any principles of any kind, shifts like the well-lubricated weathervane Jon Huntsman called him from election to election, from liberal to moderate, from moderate to conservative, now preparing to betray the right once again by shifting back from conservative to moderate in time for the general election.

I always expected Romney would betray the right. I did not expect Ron Paul to betray Ron Paul with his ridiculous maneuvers that help Romney at key moments.

I do not believe Romney will be elected. There are reasons he did not run for reelection as governor, was whipped by Ted Kennedy when he ran for the Senate, and was left in the dust by John McCain in 2008. However, just in case, someone should organize a $100 million lottery about which Romney would be president. Will it be the liberal, moderate or conservative Romney? The man who pretended to be more liberal than Ted Kennedy? The man who falsely claims he was a hardline conservative governor when everyone knows he was not?

Romney destroys Republican opponents with his massive and well-funded personal attacks against Republican opponents.

Romney is now destroying Paul, as Paul’s campaign of purism sinks along with his own amoral “Etch A Sketch” alliance with Romney.

If Barack Obama acted like this, Republicans would demand his birth certificate.

When Romney acts like this, the pseudo-conservatives who stood with George W. Bush when Bush abused principles of conservatism will soon pretend that Romney is the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan.

Romney is the man for all seasons, with no principles.

Republicans are the party of hypocrites, who shout about everything but stand for nothing.

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