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Mitt Romney’s dog rides on the roof, while his Cadillacs ride the elevator in his mansion!

I see a growing number of pundits are repeating what I wrote here on Wednesday: the
delicious (for Democrats) irony that Obama wins and Romney loses from
the healthcare case. And now, another Romneyism with news that he wants
to build an elevator in his mansion so his various cars can ride
painlessly to his penthouse, or whatever one calls it, and the Romneys
can painlessly enter the car without the burden of walking down the
stairs. I expect Ron Paul to run a new ad making excuses for this latest
Romney gaffe, as Paul did for Romney after the Etch a Sketch news, and I
expect Newt Gingrich (whose campaign is collapsing as fast as Paul’s)
to continue being nicer to Mitt, but:

Who ever heard of a presidential candidate who says that he likes firing people and does not care about the very poor, while glancing at statements from his Swiss bank accounts? But Romney needs an elevator to lift his cars up his mansion? Really? But I never heard of anyone dragging his poor pooch on the roof of his car down a highway, either. Romney needs a lobbyist to push for the mansion elevator for the Cadillac cars? Pardon my sarcasm, but I wonder if Romney hired a butler to care for the needs of his cars, or a pedicurist to tend to his feet for those hard times when Romney must bear the burden of walking up the stairs.

{mosads}Romney has a very big problem. He conveys a weird and strange elitism and softness, an otherworldly super-duper-ultra- lifestyle of the rich and famous, and an inability to control his impulse to tell us how wealthy he is and to bask in the luxuries of his life.

Of course, Gingrich likes expensive jewelry from Tiffany’s. Gingrich, like Romney, supported the healthcare mandate, as did the Heritage Foundation and a long list of Republicans who advocated the mandate until Obama accepted it, at which point the Republican mandate proposal became a socialist government takeover.

Which brings me to Romney’s second big problem, which I have noted for some time, most recently here on Wednesday. Obama wins, Romney loses, from the healthcare case. You read it here first on The Hill’s Pundit Blog.

The truth is, the mandate was a Republican idea and a conservative idea. Mitt Romney was the godfather of the mandate. With the help of Ted Kennedy, with whom Romney celebrated after the Massachusetts mandate was enacted, the mandate was Romney’s crowning achievement as governor. Obama merely adopted it as president.

I would pay the price for tickets to watch Obama dissect and demolish Romney on the healthcare issue in the presidential debates.

Meanwhile, let’s see what the candidate of the 1 percent, the vulture capitalist who likes firing people, the man with the Swiss bank account, the elitist who cannot stop telling us how wealthy he is, comes up with next. These gaffes seem to come up every seven days. Mark next Tuesday on your calendar.

Can you believe the guy actually needs an elevator for his deluxe cars in his expanding mansion, and needs a lobbyist to renovate his home?

The Etch a Sketch plan will not save him.

My sympathies are with the dog.

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