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Ryan’s China syndrome: What did Sheldon Adelson tell him?

Paul Ryan criticizes President Obama about China shortly after Ryan pays
homage to Sheldon Adelson, whose business is under major investigation
about allegedly shady dealings with China. Paul Ryan owes the American
people full disclosure about whether the closed-door Ryan-Adelson
meeting included any discussion about the China investigation.
Disclosure is vital, especially with Mitt Romney’s history of job
exporting while making his fortune, which also contradicts Romney’s
rhetoric about jobs and China.

And again: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should fully disclose a decade of
tax returns. When Romney demeans those who call for his tax cover-up to
end, he is demeaning his father, George Romney, who believed disclosure
is vital.

{mosads}Paul Ryan has some memory issues. First, according to USA Today, he had to redo his House ethics disclosure and disclose his $1-5 million trust fund and substantial income from it. He had conveniently forgotten to disclose this, until Romney began vetting him, at which point he conveniently remembered it.

Then Ryan forgot his support for Obama stimulus money, which he eloquently denounced after requesting money himself. Ryan had also eloquently denounced the president’s support for green business, forgetting that he had also asked for Obama green business funding. Ryan claimed otherwise on television, then claimed he had forgotten when he was caught.

Now Ryan attacks the president about China, after privately fawning over Sheldon Adelson in a closed-door meeting, in which Ryan presumably sought Adelson’s money, after presumably forgetting Adelson’s business with China and investigations surrounding it.

I call this the Ryan China Syndrome. He opposes Obama stimulus while asking for it. He attacks Obama’s green business program while seeking some of it. He calls for higher ethics while forgetting to disclose a huge trust fund. He criticizes the president about China while seeking campaign money from a fellow who, at best, does a healthy business with China himself.

Vice President Biden is Abe Lincoln and Oliver Wendell Holmes compared to this Ryan performance.

I guess the first vice presidential debate should be between Paul Ryan and himself.

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