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Obama’s crowd shrinkage

In the days of yore, Obama’s appearances caused class cancellations;
excited crowds of breathless students lined up early in the morning to
just be in the presence of the great man.

Obama’s visit to George Mason University on Friday revealed a new normal that is devastating for his hopes for reelection.

Northern Virginia, in the heart of the territory that Obama must do
well in to have a chance at winning the commonwealth’s electoral votes
again, a small, tepid crowd greeted the president on a warm October

Where have the crowds gone?

Where is the breathless adoration?

{mosads}The answer can be found in the voice of a 21-year-old woman, whose mother reported to me on Friday, is wondering why she should continue even going to school when there is no hope of finding a job when she gets out.

It is hard to get the college students revved up when they believe that the end result of your policies is a one-way ticket back to the room they grew up in, loaded down with tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt.

If the Great and Wonderful “O” cannot get young people to come see him in person in a targeted electoral state, it bodes ill for his hopes for another four years of occupancy in the government housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

In ancient Athens, demagogues would regularly emerge and be carried by the people to leadership positions, only to have those same people turn on them after they disappointed while in office. Fortunately for Obama, in America, failed presidents can move on to Hawaiian mansions, $250,000 appearance fees and world travel to the finest resorts. 

Given the George Mason students’ apathy, it might be better for everyone if Obama were able to cash in on his brief service in federal government sooner rather than later.

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