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Bloomberg endorses Obama, George Will trash-talks Obama, Joe Biden blasts Big Lie Romney ad in Ohio

In my last column
“Hillary Women Will Save Obama,” I explained three reasons I
believe President Obama will win a narrow Electoral College victory. If
you want to know what many of the smartest Republican strategists really
think, take Dick Morris’s column predicting a gigantic Republican
landslide, and turn it inside out and upside down. A majority of
Republican strategists privately agree with me and believe Barack Obama
is most likely to be inaugurated in January and Harry Reid is most
likely to return as majority leader of the United States Senate.

Bloomberg endorsement is powerful for Obama. He talks of climate change
in ways that would make Al Gore proud, and talks of the historic
magnitude of shape-shifting and position changing and weathervaning by
Mitt Romney. Good for Bloomberg. I will confess, I was wrong about him. I
privately believed he would endorse Romney, and even though I never
made this view public, I feel obliged to admit I was wrong.

Bloomberg’s endorsement of Obama is a huge and powerful statement that will have great appeal to undecided voters, independent voters and women who are deeply troubled by attacks on the rights and interests of women by Mitt Romney and Republicans.

Bloomberg’s endorsement is even more powerful for Obama because it comes as Chris Christie is an equally powerful witness for the high competence, professionalism, goodwill and bipartisan capabilities of President Obama.

George Will’s angry, intemperate, name-calling, high school-quality attack on Obama in the Thursday Washington Post only proves the collapse of conservative intellectual thought and the panic beneath the surface in GOP and conservative circles. The triumphalism of Republicans after the first debate has now become a desperation and lashing-out.

Joe Biden said it best: The Romney ad in Ohio trying to frighten Ohio autoworkers was a flat-out lie, should be taken off the airwaves, and is one more sign of panic and desperation.

Mitt Romney should apologize to voters in Ohio, and for those who forget, I was the guy quoted on Fox News and bannered on the Romney campaign website (yes, me) when I criticized a commercial for an Obama super-PAC that I felt was grossly wrong.

Mitt Romney’s Ohio ad is a lie and he should withdraw the ad and apologize to Ohio voters.

Three cheers for Mike Bloomberg.

Three cheers for Chris Christie.

There is desperation and delusion in the air from the Republican side because they feel the election has been slipping away, and for once, regarding these Republicans, I must heartily agree with them. They won’t tell you. I just did.

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