They’re dropping like flies!

First Haley Barbour. Then Mike Huckabee. Now Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpGraham to introduce resolution condemning House impeachment inquiry Support for impeachment inches up in poll Fox News's Bret Baier calls Trump's attacks on media 'a problem' MORE. If this keeps up, pretty soon there’ll be more Republicans not running for president than running.

It’s especially sad to see Trump drop out. It just won’t be as much fun without him. No more combover jokes. No more F-bombs in speeches. No more black helicopter rides.

By the way, didn’t he promise to spend $600 million of his money, running for president? What happened? Did his check bounce?

And without The Donald, who’s going to keep the birth certificate issue alive? Or who’s going to ferret out Obama’s college grades? Not Newt. Not Mitt. Not T-Paw.

But, of course, as disappointed as we are, we all know why Trump and Haley and the Huckster dropped out of the race for president. Because they’re smarter than all the rest of them.

They know the economy’s coming back, under Obamanomics.

They know millions and millions of Americans, who could never afford it before, now have health insurance, under ObamaCare.

They know Obama created 1.3 million new jobs in 2010 alone — more than George W. Bush created in eight years. And that April 2011 was the third straight month where new job growth exceeded 200,000.

And they know gas prices are coming down.

In other words, they know that, for any Republican, running against Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaSusan Rice: Lindsey Graham is 'a piece of s--t' Brennan's CIA a subject of Barr's review of Russia investigation: report Singer Maggie Rogers speaks out after she was sexually harassed onstage MORE is a losing proposition. And they wanted no part of it.

Question: Forget about Mitch Daniels getting in — who’s the next to drop out?