We are witnessing the brand destruction of the Tea Party House members that will probably bring back Speaker Pelosi, turn Ron Paul into a virtual political crank and occasion the complete disappearance of Mitt Romney (who has zero to say about the great issue that threatens a crash) and the lightweight maneuvering of Rick Perry, the latest neocon hope of a desperate GOP.

I am most disappointed in Paul, who could have been a contender, but is turning out to be a quitter of an important subcommittee chairmanship and a crank who campaigns for default. Bachmann doesn't surprise me, but Paul does. Methinks Dr. Paul has been on television too much. It is going to his head; he gets weirder every day. Perhaps if he causes a crash, his small donors will need their money back to pay their bills.

Does Mitt Romney have anything to say about the great issue of the hour? He remains in seclusion, hiding from the debate, silent about his views, weak and timid and vacillating. What a pathetic performance from a man who aspires to the presidency who looks like the worst of Obama without the best. Romney is running as the new Rorschach. He runs from his own record, seems to be for everything before he was against everything, unless he says nothing. Meanwhile, Rick Perry has literally nothing to say about the great issues, and on some great issues, he goes both ways. What does he really think about gay marriage?  What does he really think about anything except praying for the economy? I am all for praying, but we need a policy, not just a prayer. I assume Perry does not want to talk about problems he has created in Texas.

Now Rick Perry is meeting with one of the neocons in chief, Douglas Feith. Will we soon have bombs-away Perry, looking for wars to fight? Does Rick Perry think the voters demand another neocon from Texas? Will Perry campaign as the candidate who acts like the great actor Slim Pickens in the great film "Dr. Strangelove," who near the end of the film sat atop a nuclear bomb, waving his hat as he rode the bomb down to end the world?

No, don't bet your money on Perry. America could use a great Texas president with the financial brilliance of Lloyd Bentsen or the legislative skill and big heart for working people and the poor like Lyndon Baines Johnson. America would benefit from the Texas voice of Ross Perot, who was proven right on so many things.

As for the crank Ron Paul, the silent Mitt Romney, and the next Texas neocon Rick Perry, I would ask: Where do they get these guys?

Candidates with great hair, crazy views and two faces will not a president make.

Compared to this crowd of Republican cranks and lightweights, Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaTrump's self-interest is at odds with safe coronavirus policy Progressive youth groups issue demands for Biden ahead of general election Obama: Robust coronavirus testing and monitoring the key to reopening country MORE, with all of his imperfections, looks like Franklin Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln rolled into one!