Ron Paul essentially tied for first place in the Ames poll in a triumph of organization and loyalty from his supporters — and the shameful major media treats him as though he doesn't exist. It is a sham, an outrage, and the latest example of a media that relishes having lunch with itself and remains far out of touch with political reality in the real America.


Recently I wrote that Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann won the Ames debate and that Tim Pawlenty would drop out of the campaign well before the main event. That is what happened. However, reading the news stories after the Ames poll, one would think the major media was on another planet with its provincial insiderism and refusal to give Ron Paul the fair coverage and just credit he has earned.

Let’s emphasize the word "earned.” Ron Paul earned his credit the old-fashioned way: He worked for it. He appealed to his supporters. He motivated them to vote. He organized his campaign far better, infinitely better, than anyone in Iowa except Michele BachmannMichele Marie BachmannKlobuchar urges CNN town hall audience: 'That's when you guys are supposed to cheer, OK?' Michele Bachmann praises Trump: Americans will 'never see a more godly, biblical president' Will Biden lead a 'return to normalcy' in 2020? MORE. And yet the tired keyboards of the insider classes refuse to acknowledge his achievement.

I do.

The latest flavor of the insider month is Rick Perry, who I predict will flame out far sooner than other pundits believe. Rick Perry's great claim to fame is that he gobbled up the Obama stimulus money with more gusto than the winner of the Coney Island hot dog contest stuffing down dozens of franks, then translated the Obama stimulus money into some of the lowest-paying jobs in America. If the media insists on ignoring Paul and making Perry the flavor of the week, why doesn't it report this?

There are times I agree with Ron Paul, many other times I don't, but I have always tried to be fair to him in political analysis.

Ron Paul was a big winner of the Ames debate.

Ron Paul was a big winner in the Ames poll.

Ron Paul deserves frontline credit for emerging as a major candidate.

Shame on the major media. They won't tell you this.

I just did.