What did senior citizens to do Republicans to warrant the hostility the GOP has to the most important programs that serve them? In his book Rick Perry virtually said Social Security is un-American. Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanThree-way clash set to dominate Democratic debate Krystal Ball touts Sanders odds in Texas Republicans pour cold water on Trump's term limit idea MORE and House Republicans would destroy Medicare by turning it into a subsidy for insurers. Ron Paul is against the government doing anything.

When voters understand Rick Perry's intense dislike of Social Security they will run him out of town on a rail. Voters already understand the House Republican attack on Medicare. The Democrats won a major off-year election on the Medicare issue, and will win more. While I like Ron Paul, his opposition to any action to stimulate the economy would drive the nation into a depression.

Regarding Perry, now he denies global warming and seems undecided about evolution. Where do Republicans find these guys? Every voter should read Rick Perry's book, which attacks Social Security with an intensity and passion so extreme that even Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaLet's not play Charlie Brown to Iran's Lucy Mattis dodges toughest question At debate, Warren and Buttigieg tap idealism of Obama, FDR MORE would defeat him in a landslide, though Perry will self-destruct sooner than pundits think for this and many other reasons.

Ron Paul recently said that Perry makes him look moderate. This is true, in a sick way. Paul himself is a devotee of Ayn Rand. Paul's do-nothing laissez-faire economics means nothing more than a tribute song for America's most wealthy, a poverty song for America's middle class and a funeral dirge for America's poor.

It is no coincidence that the great Republican hero, Ayn Rand, was one of America's proudest atheists.

Paul Ryan for president? As Clint said: Make my day.

Rick Perry for president? If Republicans think the nation demands that the way to end a recession is to label economic policy treason, virtually call Social Security un-American, turn Medicare into welfare for insurers and higher payments for seniors, gobble up Obama stimulus money with gusto, create low-pay jobs in America, ruin education in Texas, deny global warming and question evolution, Perry's your guy!

Good thing for Republicans that Barack Obama will no longer be compared to John Kennedy or Abe Lincoln. Great luck for Obama that the Republicans running against him are so far out in outer space that voters will ask what seniors, workers and the middle class ever did to Republicans to deserve these attacks on them.