Bad news for Republicans enduring the 2012 presidential campaign diaspora. Chris Christie will not run in 2012, though if he survives a very tough reelection, which is not certain, he may well run in the future. Christie is not close to ready for presidential campaign prime time, and unlike Rick Perry, he is smart enough to know it.

1. Christie has no national qualifications or governing experience for the presidency. A partial term as governor is not even close. Some will say Obama did not have much experience either. I rest my case.

2. Christie takes many positions that are anathema to the right, which he has called out at times. Many of those who tout him have not done their homework.

3. Christie's tendency to be blunt may have superficial appeal to some, but loose lips sink presidential campaign ships. Ask Rick Perry.

4. A partial-term freshman governor will make huge blunders discussing foreign policy. Chris Christie does not have time to go to graduate school to learn national security and foreign policy. It is not his fault, but it is disqualifying this time around, and he knows it.

In case anyone thinks I criticize Rick Perry or Chris Christie to help Democrats, no way.

If Obama loses in 2012, it would happen in one of three ways. All of them are plausible.

First, Republicans could nominate Romney by default. While Romney is not strong, he is electable if the economy does not improve by Election Day.

Second, Republicans could turn to Mitch Daniels, a scenario I have written is very possible. Daniels would be a very strong candidate.

Third, if Jon Huntsman wins the New Hampshire primary, or like Eugene McCarthy or Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonOvernight Health Care: CDC details Massachusetts outbreak that sparked mask update | White House says national vaccine mandate 'not under consideration at this time' Biden rolls dice by getting more aggressive on vaccines Amanda Knox blasts 'Stillwater' movie: 'Does my name belong to me? MORE does not win but is seen as winning, he could take off like a Roman candle. Huntsman would very formidable.

As for Rick Perry, no way, Jose.

As for Chris Christie, as they say in New Jersey, fuhgeddaboutit.