Bank of America's latest attack on the American economic recovery through big bank fees may well elect Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann Warren2020 Democrats barnstorm the country for MLK weekend Kamala Harris picks Baltimore as headquarters for potential 2020 campaign: report Dem voters split on importance of women atop the ticket in 2020 MORE to the Kennedy Senate seat in Massachusetts. The very bad news for Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Chris Christie and those Republicans who take big money from big bailed-out banks as donations, and then carry their water in Washington, is that they will be exposed again.

Bank of America, which might soon be called Bank of un-America, is the embodiment of what happens if Ron Paul or Rick Perry is elected. It has done consistent damage to the America economy from the birth of the mortgage fraud to the mega-bailout, from the massive layoffs to this latest fee on debit cards.

I dare Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellSunday shows preview: Shutdown negotiations continue after White House immigration proposal Senate to take up Trump's border-immigration plan next week Trump pitches new plan to reopen government amid Dem pushback MORE, John BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerBreaking the impasse on shutdown, border security McCarthy, allies retaliate against Freedom Caucus leader House vote fails to quell storm surrounding Steve King MORE, Eric CantorEric Ivan CantorOusted GOP lawmaker David Brat named dean at Liberty University business school Trump, GOP seek to shift blame for shutdown to Pelosi Hoyer: Ryan’s legacy a mix of decency and debt MORE, Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanAEI names Robert Doar as new president GOP can't excommunicate King and ignore Trump playing to white supremacy and racism House vote fails to quell storm surrounding Steve King MORE and Sarah Palin to denounce the latest Bank of America attack on American consumers and call for the fee to be withdrawn. They won't.

At least Ron Paul sincerely believes his views, which would crash the economy. Paul is a devotee of the great advocate of Darwinian cruelty against everyone but the rich, Ayn Rand, who was also the favorite proud atheist of many conservative Republicans.

Ron Paul, who cannot give a straight answer about whether our mothers should die if they can't get health insurance, believes in a weird version of "responsibility" in which those with money and power prosper while everyone else suffers.

Rick Perry is different. Perry is the polyester Ron Paul impersonator, most recently on CNBC saying the Federal Reserve should never help the economy with monetary policy during a depression or recession. Pay-for-play Rick Perry will almost certainly support the new big bank fees and increase his fundraising from banks.

Gotta hand it to Perry. He actually tells the truth and says many Republicans lack heart. Then he reverses course, and says they do have heart. Perhaps Perry, who gobbled up the Obama stimulus to cover his deficits, before opposing the Obama stimulus, was for heart before he was against it.

Rick Perry's impersonation of Ron Paul is caused by Perry's panic while his campaign collapses, while terrified Republicans try to entice the freshman governor and unqualified Chris Christie to enter the race.

At least Christie won't be a quitter and resign, like a certain former freshman governor we know.

Perry's impersonation of Ron Paul is giving him “Saturday Night Live” status. Soon Perry may dye his hair gray (or more accurately, stop dying his hair dark) to look more like Ron Paul. If Perry gets desperate enough, perhaps he will offer to make Dennis Kucinich his vice president, to top Ron Paul.

It won't work. If people want to crash the economy and be the boys of the big bankers, they will go with the real deal with the real hair and the real mind: Ron Paul.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren will surge for the Senate in Massachusetts, because she is the true champion of red, white and blue Americans who want nothing more than a fair deal from the big banks.

As for Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Chris Christie and many other Republicans, they are the bailed-out bankers’ boys. If you are a voter who wants these rip-offs to end, there ain't a dime's worth of difference between them.