I love you guys, but some of you have to stop acting like 8-year-old crybabies every time someone criticizes Ron Paul.

The fact is that Ron Paul supports a very extreme version of laissez-faire economics that is God's gift to big banks. The issue is not whether Ron supported the bailout; he did not. The issue is that his approach is what let the banks get away with murder, which caused the bailout in the first place, and after the bailout he continues these same extreme laissez-faire policies that tolerate rip-offs like the new Bank of America fee.

I have criticized Geithner and others during the Clinton years and then during the Obama years for not being tough enough on the banks.

I criticized everyone in Congress, in both parties, for the way the bailout was done and the way they let the banks get away with murder, largely because they took a ton of dough from the banks.

In my column “Hemingway at war” Thursday I criticized Obama for telling blacks to stop complaining and stop grumbling and stop crying. Obama should have directed those comments to CEOs and bankers who hoard cash while they enjoy great wealth, not to blacks or anyone else seeking jobs.

But Ron Paul takes certain stands based on a very extreme view of laissez-faire economics and purist libertarian economics. This is a gift to the banks, which continue abuses today. Ron Paul's views would allow the banks to get away with anything.

Those of you who support him should man up, stop whining, stop acting like crybabies.

Ron Paul doesn't act this way. He doesn't whine or complain. He gives a hard punch, he takes a hard punch, all with good humor in the give-and-take of the battle of ideas. That's why I like him and respect him.

To take a page from Ron's playbook: You need to take responsibility if you support Ron Paul. If you want to defend his extreme view of libertarian laissez-faire, let’s boogie. Let’s debate. But don't pretend these views don't exist, and don't get upset when I call Ron out on them, the same way Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaTrump has 62 percent disapproval rating in new AP poll Rising Warren faces uphill climb with black voters Obama explains decision to get into movie business: 'We all have a sacred story' MORE and the White House get upset when I and others call them out at times.

Politics is not a cult of personality, not for Ron, not for Barack, and darn well not for me.

So give me your arguments, but cut out the crybaby whining.