Now here comes Herman Cain, the next rightist Republican fad candidate who will self-destruct, suggesting that jobless and poor people only need to want to become employed and wealthy people. Huh? I give Ron Paul some credit. He was asked about this and said he does not agree with it. Let’s see what Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have to say.

Cain's view is, of course, cruel and absurd and far outside American tradition. The jobless do not want to be jobless. The poor do not want to be poor. Every job fair brings long lines of job seekers. It is ridiculous to suggest that the jobless and poor can snap their fingers and become wealthy in an economy that is so grossly biased for the 1 percent against the 99 percent.

Thank goodness the Occupy Wall Street movement has brought this matter to the front pages with protests that are spreading across the nation.

The real America is on earth, the Republican Party is on Mars, and Herman Cain is on Pluto.

If Cain wants to declare class war against everyone except the wealthy, I hope the GOP delegates give him the nomination. They won't. The Cain fad will fade fast.

Even the Republicans are not ready for a candidate from ideological Pluto who blames blacks, whites and Hispanics for their pain in a cruel and unfair economy.