Ron Paul has a golden opportunity to take the gloves off and knock Herman Cain to the mat over Cain's years working for the Federal Reserve Board, and Cain's praise for former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, which most Republicans are not aware of.

This is similar to the impersonation of Ron Paul by Rick Perry, the ill-fated former darling of the right who was revealed as a pay-for-play politician and bogus conservative. If Paul takes the gloves off with Cain, he can prove himself to be the authentic voice, and prove Cain to be yet another impostor.

If Rick Perry falls, as I have predicted, and Paul goes head to head with Cain, it is possible that Ron Paul could emerge as the leading candidate of both conservatives and libertarians.

The facts are that Herman Cain served on the Federal Reserve of Kansas City, Cain served on its board, Cain became chairman of the Kansas City Fed and Cain heaped praise on former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan.

Most Republicans do not know this. What a campaign ad this would make for Ron Paul! What an excellent challenge for future debates!

The difference this year is that Ron Paul is running a full-blown campaign for president with a first-rate campaign staff and a coherent message with authenticity that is right for the Republican Party today and could become a formidable third-party force if Paul goes that route.

It turns out that 9-9-9 is really Cain-Cain-Cain on the Fed-Fed-Fed.

I can't wait to watch Ron Paul's next move.

I predict that Cain's history with the Fed will do him in with conservatives and Tea Party Republicans once they learn that sometimes candidates are not what they appear to be.

What Herman Cain is not, Ron Paul certainly is.