This will be an interesting test about whether Ron Paul is getting the respect he deserves from major media. Will Ron Paul, whose stock is rising among voters and who has things to say about foreign policy, receive more time in the debate than the hapless and collapsing Rick Perry? In fairness, he should. And instead of policy questions, Herman Cain and Rick Perry should be given a quiz to see which presidents and prime ministers of major nations they can remember from their debate talking points.


Time for Perry to say farewell. Stick a fork in him. The only person who wants Perry to stay in is Mitt Romney, because he divides the conservative vote. As for Paul, I have been waiting for a breakout debate where his foreign-policy views, whether I agree with them or not, move to center stage. With independents and in some cases Democrats able to vote for Republicans in a number of states, a foreign-policy breakout debate for Ron Paul could be a big deal.

Let’s see if the media will now give Ron Paul the respect he deserves in the debate.