Folks, this is a big deal. Jon Huntsman has taken the gloves off against Mitt Romney, called him a captive of banking donations and the candidate of the status quo. And Huntsman has offered a serious financial plan that attacks “too big to fail” and would impose a new fee AGAINST banks that are too big to fail to prevent mega-bailouts in the future.

Perhaps Huntsman will next challenge the new candidate of pay-per-play, the man who runs Newt Inc., who tries to con voters into thinking he is the outside-Washington candidate.

This has the potential to boost the Huntsman campaign, with two big "ifs.”

1. If Huntsman keeps up the attack throughout the New Hampshire primary, and

2. If Huntsman uses the debates for a frontal assault on Romney, challenging him face to face as the candidate of big banks, bailouts and the status quo, and then volleys against the pseudo-populism of Newt Inc.

This could be a big, bold move by Huntsman. If he follows through, the Huntsman campaign just might get real interesting, real fast.