There is one issue that can enable Ron Paul to break above his current threshold with great appeal to a wider electorate and make a frontal challenge to the candidates Michele BachmannMichele Marie BachmannEvangelicals shouldn't be defending Trump in tiff over editorial Mellman: The 'lane theory' is the wrong lane to be in White House backs Stephen Miller amid white nationalist allegations MORE (I always give fair credit) brilliantly labeled Newt Romney. This issue is this:

Crony capitalism.

Dr. Paul has spoken eloquently and brilliantly about the corruptions in the economy from those with the power to use political weapons to seek unfair economic advantage. Dr. Paul and I will not fundamentally agree on many aspects of policy, but we do agree on the need to lessen the influence of crony capitalists.


Newt Romney offers different sides of the crony-capitalist coin. One makes a fortune of wealth from Freddie Mac; the other makes a fortune of wealth from insider deals that lead to mass layoffs and in several cases bankruptcies. When Newt attacks Romney, and Romney attacks Newt, they are basically right about each other.

I have similarly criticized the mother of all crony capitalists in this campaign, Rick Perry, whose pay-for-play politics in Texas are legendary.

For Dr. Paul, making crony capitalism itself a major issue would be powerful because it unites a majority of Republican voters against the what we call Newt Romney.

I have also called for some form of alliance on matters of common interest between Ron Paul and Occupy Wall Street.

I am currently in the process of thinking through some new ideas and strategies against crony capitalism for future Pundits Blogs and an upcoming column in the fairly near future.

I would welcome any links and comments from Ron Paul supporters about quotes from him, and ideas he may have, which I will factor into ideas and columns. In advance I thank those of you who help.

As we go into Iowa, Ron Paul has a chance to win the caucus, and he has a chance to come in a strong second.

In Iowa and beyond, Ron Paul has an opening to be the one true champion of opposing crony capitalism, which could be the next stage in the Ron Paul surge and his frontal assault against Newt Romney.